Hotel Palomar Washington DCEDL Art Consultants has upheld the highest quality standards and employed the world's most sought-after artists and methodologies in its profession.  Drawing upon its extensive international portfolio of major, award-winning global hospitality properties, private collectors, and corporate brands, its dedicated team brings mastery to each phase of the design process.  EDL's artwork consulting service incorporates cutting-edge technologies, timeless quality, the latest industry trends, and its proprietary database of the world's finest artists, collectors, and vendors to exceed its client's expectations in a timely and budget-minded fashion.


Each project begins with EDL representatives listening and paying close attention to the technical, aesthetic vision and budgetary details of your project.  EDL then engages its vast knowledge, experience, and industry-leading resources to translate this vision into an inspired design concept.  Their initial collaboration encourages a state-of-the-art methodology and proprietary network of worldwide artists, collectors, and vendors.  EDL then researches site-specific solutions that meet all design criteria.

Research & Presentation  

Drawing upon their extensive international network of art resources, EDL’s team of art consultants research artists capable of introducing intriguing possibilities of placement integrated architecturally in a significant relevant way.  Depending on the scope of regional, transitional, contemporary, or traditional requirements. EDL then pursues the artwork concepts and resources based on the interior design renderings, FF&E plans, and criteria followed by a detailed multimedia client presentation of the recommended selections for every artwork location.  If required, printed interpretations, artistic renderings and/or 3-dimensional maquettes of the proposed original and commissioned works are provided for viewing at the clients preferred presentation location. Finally, we take pleasure in the design implementation of frames and mat selection for art pieces, requiring this finishing touch.


Upon the client’s approval, EDL's polished project management team begins the procurement process, soliciting and reviewing competitive bids for original and commissioned works and preparing a project master schedule with specific completion and delivery dates. With an experienced eye to technical detail, quality delivery, and seamless integration, EDL oversees the receiving and documentation process, preparing a complete specification and provenance package for all project acquisitions.


EDL views the delivery and installation procedure as an equally vital role in the process. Upon request, they will employ a quality installation team to deliver and install all artwork, exceeding the highest standards.  In addition, EDL will maintain personal presence on-site ensuring a thorough and professional installation.


Upon authorized approval, EDL will prepare a complete specifications package for all acquisitions, including provenance and details of all acquired artwork and commissioned artist materials.